Advanced Lens Technology

The majority of patients having lens (cataract) surgery in the UK are given little option regarding the type of intraocular lens implant (IOL). Monofocal lenses are the norm and these tend to give very good quality vision but only at a single distance.

Newer, advanced, lens technologies allow us to aim for good unaided vision both for distance and near.

The best current examples of these are the multifocal lens implants, such as the Alcon Restor and the Lentis Mplus. Some versions of these lenses can also correct for pre-existing astigmatism.


So called accommodative IOLs, such as the Crystalens also offer a (lesser) degree of near vision correction.

There is, however, no perfect solution. All lens types have limitations. The multifocal lenses offer the greatest range in vision but there is some degree in reduced contrast sensitivity (slightly reduced vision in dim light conditions) and 10-15% of patients suffer from glare or halos. That said, 90% of patients state that they are very happy with their multifocal IOL and would choose to have it again.

Some patients have pre-existing high levels of astigmatism. For these patients, a toric IOL may be advisable, either in monofocal or multifocal form.

We at Manchester Eye Surgery make every effort to carefully select the most appropriate lens type to meet your individual needs. This is done after careful consultation with yourself and considering your most important requirements and concerns.

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